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Here's to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Rutini Antologia 38
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Rutini Antologia 38 - Blend

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Very intense red, with a bluish hue. Violet and other floral notes on the nose, combined with cherry and hints of mint and spices. In the mouth, the juiciness of the Malbec grape (majority of the blend) is quite apparent, as are its rich aromas. Well rounded, mouth feel emphasizes the persistent and silky finish

COMPOSITION: 35% Malbec from Altamira, 35% Malbec from Gualtallary, 10% Petit Verdot from Gualtallary, 10% Merlot from Altamira, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon from Gualtallary

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