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  • Las Perdices Syrah  Viognier 2014

Las Perdices Syrah Viognier 2014

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A little funky one; this blend  is a unique one in the wine world in that it entails a combination of a red wine grape (Syrah) and a white wine grape (Viognier). Co-fermented to achieve synergy and complexity. This blend begins with a wonderful aroma of dark berry fruit from the Syrah mixed with aromatic peach and floral notes from the Viognier. You might have a hard time getting your nose out of the glass to take a sip, but when you do you’ll find a really lovely blend, flavorful and substantial with an almost creamy texture. At the same time it shows good balance and even a bit of elegance, a combination that is hard to pull off. Ripe dark berry fruit, a distinct banana note, some smoke, a little peach and some spice are just a few of the features to discover in this complex and tasty wine. It ends dry with good length and has just a bit of viognier to tame the Syrah monster and balance things out. Ideal match for game dishes, slow-cooked meat dishes and every type of mushroom. Serving temperature 16-18° C (60 – 64 ºF). Annual production 6,000 bottles. Highly Recommended!  


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